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Being Authentic

Setting boundaries used to be very difficult for me. I hated the thought of someone being angry at me. It was my biggest fear in life to lose all of my friends and be alone in the world, so I avoided anything that might potentially get me ejected from any tribe I was in. via […]

Spring Mid-Winter

I grew up in the great state of New Jersey where there are four very distinct seasons. I assumed seasons were a very common phenomenon, unless you lived in a state with only one permanent season, like California or Arizona. Then I moved to North Carolina. Last week, I had the heat in my house […]

Mompreneur Life

Over the weekend, I got to be a Soccer Mom and watch my DS do his favorite thing. Early in the week, I got to be a Gymnastics Mom and watch my DD flip around, which is ONE of her favorite things. (Her favorites change weekly.) I always say “I get to…” versus “I have […]

MLK Jr Day 2019

Tonight, my kiddos and I went to a yoga class together. I was grateful the teacher was open to having two young people join us. It was their first real exposure to yoga and I’m glad I had the opportunity to share it with them. Both of my kids are athletes and I am very much […]

Inviting a Muse to the Party

Since committing to increasing my social media marketing, I actually created content calendar for myself. I have blog posts planned and dozens of topics to discuss. Everything was going to run so much smoother. Still, I was resistant to each one because but I was looking for the PERFECT thing to write about. I do […]

I said “Good Day!” :-(

I do a lot of marketing for myself. It doesn’t always feel comfortable and, of course, I would rather be behind the mic or onstage. But, like all behind the scenes tasks that help me pay the bills, if I don’t take the time to market myself, then no one knows to hire me. In […]

2019 New Year Tips To Get Stuff Done

Happy New Year, friends! I hope you did something fun, whatever your definition of fun is! I decided at the last minute to go out solo to our local New Year’s Eve party and fireworks. And it did not disappoint! I dressed up. I ate delicious food. I walked around the city. I danced. I […]

Rest, Relaxation, and Rebel Shine

I took a few days off. 🙂 It was a pretty weird at first feeling taking it easy instead of hitting everything at my usual “BOSS LADY, GET IT DONE!” pace. I realized it was so needed though! What did I do these past few days? There was the usual meditation, soul searching about my […]

The Other Side of Happy

I’m a really upbeat person. You probably picked up on that with a quick glance at my branding. My natural state of being is joy. If you hang out with me long enough, there will be laughter. And not those tiny little giggles, either. I mean big, juicy raucous laughter that makes your whole body […]