Inviting a Muse to the Party

Since committing to increasing my social media marketing, I actually created content calendar for myself. I have blog posts planned and dozens of topics to discuss. Everything was going to run so much smoother.

Still, I was resistant to each one because but I was looking for the PERFECT thing to write about.

I do know, as a writer, that is the absolute poorest way to go about getting this done.

The best way to write is to sit down and write. Period. Trust the Muse will show up eventually. In the meantime, start without her. “Her” because I am thinking of the actual Greek Muses. Though, in the musical version of Xanadu, the muses were women played by both men and women. But, I digress, because I can talk about Greek mythology and the various adaptations of Xanadu for hours.

(Which was seriously one of the best times I’ve had onstage! )

I consider this part of the Process portion of my creative plan. You will have better luck if you make an appointment, stick to your goals, and start working on your creative projects than if you wait until inspiration strikes. If you do, it is highly unlikely you will get much done. You have successfully created resistance from no resistance. That’s a pretty good trick…but it won’t create anything.


(You tried it, tho)

Inspiration is a funny thing. There isn’t really a way to plan out what or how it will come. You can only set up avenues to welcome and encourage it to show up. It’s like a tiny hummingbird that’s actually made of photons of light.

Create avenues for your creativity to show up and then move forward trusting it will. I actually started this blog post with just that process. I just started typing and trusted it will come together.

It always does.

So get to your keyboard. Get to the studio. Put on your shoes and your music. And BEGIN. The Muse might be fashionably late, but she will show up right on time for the “Creative Flow” to kick in.