Here come holidays!

‘Tis the season to be jolly!

Ok, more like, ’tis the season to be anxious.

Besides my regular amounts of entrepreneur hustle, I realized I need to hurry up and get to bustling, too, and put Christmas up in our house. I used to be the “Hostess with the Mostess” from Halloween throughout the New Year back in the day, but it’s be very different these past few years. For starters, it really has been just me to make the magic happen. No extra hands helping with cookies or picking up gifts or assembling toys.
Plus, our residence is much smaller than in years past (and we have more pets to contend with) so the size and location of tree is a big topic right now. (Not to mention WHERE to hang decorations when you have a cat!)
Add to that, everything needs to fit within my new entrepreneur budget…which feels pretty daunting.
But my biggest challenge is one I am still holding on to. You see, my two little ones still believe in Santa. Like, BELIEVE believe.
They are ten and almost ten so this might be our last year for Santa, I fear. Not that I am hinting or encouraging anything different. As long as they believe, then he’ll be here.
I’m trying to figure out what to get them from their list. So far, they each only have two things…and one is a ping pong table.
Ummmm, yeah, Santa’s gonna need more choices.
And they notice that Santa only gives me presents in my stocking. I told them since mine were smaller, it was easier to keep them all together in there. (I wonder if there are any things that I need for my studio that I can wrap up and put under the tree for myself?)
How about you? How are you holding up with your business and the holidays?