Planting Seeds and Setting Intentions

We only have a few more days until we say Goodbye, 2017 and Hello, 2018!
Which means, only a few more days to do what it takes to put things in place to make January an amazing month.
The chances of new clients seeing my intro emails are pretty low, since many company employees that might be interested in my voice-over services are still out on vacation.
But, as an entrepreneur, I don’t want to take too many days off!
I am using this time to do a few things:
  • Update contact info in my CRM
  • Add job information to my database to see how I did for the year
  • Add names of agents to reach out to in the new year
  • Send invites to potential clients in LinkedIn
  • Set intentions behind my goals for the upcoming months
The journey of becoming a business owner is always challenging, but knowing that the work I put in today will bring my little family wonderful things tomorrow pushes me to do what it takes!