Rest, Relaxation, and Rebel Shine

I took a few days off. 🙂
It was a pretty weird at first feeling taking it easy instead of hitting everything at my usual “BOSS LADY, GET IT DONE!” pace. I realized it was so needed though!
What did I do these past few days? There was the usual meditation, soul searching about my life and career, and strategizing about next steps. Like I do.
I also fell in love. I’m pretty stoked about that one.
We both love donuts. And, obviously, the donuts love us back.
I also celebrated my friend’s upcoming nuptials with a fierce and fabulous group of ladies in Savannah.
There was a lot of this…
And this…
And this…
(Can I just say I am still over the moon digging these things?! I might make a series of online videos around them.)
And crazy amounts of laughter and shenanigans. It was positively magical. I’m pretty sure we manifested some amazing stuff just by being together.
I also did a fun voiceover project with some rad people to raise money for a great cause. We presented The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet to support the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.
Ryan was awfully quiet during the whole thing. He might be an introvert…
Plus, I worked on something that will help other creative professionals, too!
Are you ready to embrace your inner rebel and rise above from whatever is holding you back, so you can unleash your dreams and ideas and create your best year, every year?
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