The Other Side of Happy

I’m a really upbeat person. You probably picked up on that with a quick glance at my branding.
My natural state of being is joy. If you hang out with me long enough, there will be laughter. And not those tiny little giggles, either. I mean big, juicy raucous laughter that makes your whole body feel good.
Here’s the thing, though. I’m also a human being. That fact still surprises people for some reason. For real, the people that like me are shocked to know that there are times when I am not happy. And the people that are aggravated by me are also shocked to know that my positive nature is truly genuine and there are times that I am not happy.
But, none the less, I am human all the same with a full, healthy range of emotions that come with that existence. I am grouchy in the morning. I am sad when I’m stood up by a potential suitor. I am angry when my kids or I are treated unjustly. I cry when I’m in physical pain. I despair when money is tight and I’m not sure how to care for all the creatures in this tiny house.
And none of that makes me any less of a positive person. It makes me a person. My “secret sauce” for joy is how I choose to take action on my emotions. Sometimes that choice will be to take a few moments in the morning to meditate and pray before I even get out of bed. Sometimes I choose to take a deep breath, take myself out on a date, and feel sorry for any dude that misses out on spending quality time with me. Sometimes I choose to hug my kiddos and take my aggression out on a punching bag in the gym, getting stronger in the process. Sometimes I wail into my pillow and ask for help when it gets too much. Sometimes I stubbornly keep putting myself and my work out into the world and fiercely focus on a glorious, successful career where any financial struggles are just memories I share while being interviewed before my next amazing project.
I heard once that every “overnight” success takes about 10 years to create. Don’t think for a moment that the shining, happy people you meet don’t understand what it feels like to have tough times. And don’t think that just because you are in one of those “less than positive” stretches, that you will be stuck there from here on out.
You are a whole and glorious person living your fabulous life. Even the messy parts.